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Individual and Group Style Sessions Available

Enjoy your wellness journey with our exclusive meditation and yoga class. Enjoy the calming presence of our horses as you build your core strength and stability. Our horses add the unique element of naturally slowing our heart and breathing rhythms. Truly connect yourself with the horses and the natural surroundings as you meditate to the ultimate state of Zen. 

Private Session


Looking for a more personal experience? Our private one-on-one sessions are customized to meet your well being. Book your session now, or for group events, contact us for a group rate. 


Mind, Body and Spirit Equine Yoga

Meet Our Yoga and Meditation Instructor


Jay Abramovitch




Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and find out why I could be the support YOU have been looking for!!


Lived experiences as an Infantry Soldier, Firefighter,Crisis Worker,Youth Worker, Developmental Services Counselor placed me in the situation of navigating PTSD, anxiety and depression.  


At the age of 36 I was faced with a Stage 3 Colon Cancer diagnosis. Although now cancer free this experience gave me an incredible opportunity to grow as a person and taught me some invaluable lessons and skills to navigate a personal crisis. This life changing experience showed me first hand the importance of a strong support system and asking for and accepting help! 

A student since 2015, I found myself drawn to both slow moving and meditative Yin to powerful, strength building and limit pushing dynamic hatha. Yoga has provided me with the ability to reconnect with myself and take back control of my life both physically and mentally.. I had the privilege of meeting my mentor Tricya Morrice, Owner and creator of the F3 Method which is a tool for first responders, military personnel, and front-line workers, early on in my practice. This mentorship had not only saved my life by throwing me a lifeline but enabled me to see the teacher I wanted to be and the people I wanted to help. This moment launched me into my healing journey and gave me the courage to complete my 200 Yoga Teacher Training in August 2019.


My sessions are  challenging, fun, untraditional, and most importantly take place in a nonjudgmental and safe environment where you can explore all the benefits of yoga both during class and real life. 


I thrive to provide practical tools that you can use in your everyday life to help you navigate the ups and downs that life throws your way.

Whether you are a first responder, military personnel, equestrian, athlete, youth, yogi or just want to give yoga a try to support you in your goals …..I’m your guy!


Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and hanging out for a class!

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