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We will help you to recognize symptoms, identify stress triggers, learn coping techniques and improve self awareness.

Whether personal or professional we can give you the confidence and abilities to set and achieve your goals.

Equine Assisted Learning and Personal Development

It's Time to Love the Life you Live

When horses are partnered with people, an equine assisted transformation is created. Solutions to conflicts in our lives are achievable. Focusing on ourselves can be difficult so having an equine partner eases the discomfort and creates an experiential learning experience unlike any other. 


At Equi-Soul our coaches primarily work with women and young teen girls who struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma. This is important to us on a personal level having struggled with these and other symptoms on a regular basis.


Our coaches also work with couples, families, men, children, indigenous peoples, first responders and veterans.


With support and encouragement from our team you can develop leadership skills, trust, respect, personal control, build your confidence, self awareness, self esteem, and reach your goals and full potential.  

Our program focuses on mental wellness and emotional regulation. We do NOT offer formal riding lessons. Our connections with the horses and ourselves is our priority.


Equi-Soul's Mission Statement:

Our team and horses strive towards giving our clients the resources they need to improve relationships, set goals, live happier more productive lives and achieve better mental health.

Individual and Group Style Sessions Available

Resolve Relationship and Family Discord


Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and More

adult session

Reach Your Goals and Personal Development

Explore new mediums of communication, strengthening connections and creating balanced relationships.

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All Levels and Experience Welcome

Whether you have experience around horses or not, we can customize a program that fits your comfort level and needs.

Equi Soul   Testimonials

Equi Soul Testimonials

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