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What Is EAL

Equine Assisted Learning or EAL is the practice of coaching clients through personal development with horses as our partners. EAL has proven to have better and faster results than regular talk therapy as clients felt more comfortable in their environment.


Horses can teach us many things such as leadership, teamwork, impact, boundaries, self control, confidence, trust, task focus, patience and so much more.

So what role does the horse play? Horses are prey animals and are very sensitive to their surroundings. Because of their nature they give us immediate feedback to what they are sensing from us, whether positive or negative.

Studies have shown lower cortisol levels, improved mental and physical health in people who have the opportunity to be with or around horses. 

EAL is for everyone. No horse or riding experience is needed. All exercises can be done either on the ground or horse back depending on your comfort level.

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