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Helping Hands Healing Hearts

Have you ever wanted to experience working on a ranch?

Here at Equi-Soul we believe in supporting our community. That's why we're introducing this unique opportunity for people to volunteer at the Equi-Soul Ranch. In exchange you will receive credit towards sessions or even just spending quality time with the horses.


We know from experience how old fashioned farm work is good for the soul. There's always something to do on the ranch. Keeping your hands busy gives the mind a chance to process and reflect.


We are happy to offer 10 volunteer positions to assist with various farm related tasks. Duties may include but not limited to:


~ Set up for events

~ Pasture maintenance

~ Mending fences

~ Cowboy Obstacles Construction and Design

~ Mucking Stalls

~ Cleaning Tack

~ Hay  


Contact us today for more information. 

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