Meet The Team

Amber Denis

I've had a passion for horses ever since I learned how to walk; which was with a Fisher Price horse! Growing up I always admired them and was drawn to them. It took me awhile to realize how important they were to me and how perceptive they truly are. I started pursuing my passion and love of horses on a more personal level at age 20 when I bought my first Quarter Horse Cheyenne. She has been my rock, my friend, my constant through the good and the bad. When I needed to regroup and re-evaluate my life I spent time with her. I learned a lot about myself with what she reflected back at me. 

I rescued another horse for a companion for Cheyenne and myself a few years later. Beau is a Thoroughbred who although he never raced on a track, he has the markings and tattoo of one. He was rescued after living a year in poor conditions leaving many scars and fears. We worked together through those traumatic memories and he is now living his best life with Cheyenne and the herd.

In the summer of 2020 we added Lilly to the herd. She came to us from Western Canada where she spent the first 4 years of her life with the Amish as a driving horse. She has recently received a few months of training to learn how to be ridden. She is such a smart girl and has enjoyed the new challenges of accepting a rider and what that means for her role with her new skills. She is not for beginners as she will need more time to adjust, but she is very willing to put in the time.

Titan came to Equi-Soul in October 2021. His history includes starting his life with the Mennonites in Southern Ontario pulling wagons and carts, to becoming a lesson and trail horse. He was used in a previous EAL program working with kids camps and soaking up all the love! He is strong and mighty, but also a big softie and happy to follow wherever you lead. If you're looking for connection, he's your guy!

Oliver joined our team in December 2021. Oliver worked previously in a therapeutic riding program. He's one of the first ones to greet you in the field and is always happy to be brushed and fussed over. He has a reputation for being one of the lazier horses on the team (hahaha!)

Cooper is another one of our rescues who came to us in March 2022. He is a beautiful soul who put in his time as a lesson horse for many years. He had health problems which led him to have sore feet and not be able to walk comfortably. He is currently recovering and enjoying his downtime being a horse with the herd while he heals. He enjoys being loved on by his people and taking naps in the sunshine!

Our next addition comes to us from Edmonton, Alberta area. Rhea is our sweet Appaloosa mare retired from a lesson program. She joined the team in May 2022 and has been so sweet since day one. She loves connecting with people and her favorite thing is to be brushed! She will stand for hours to be brushed and fussed over! 

Our newest Chestnut addition to the herd is Sierra. She was graciously donated by a local family who saw her potential in helping the people in our community. This is a new career for her as she was loved by a few local families before coming to us. She has settled in well and shown us her sensitive side. If you are unclear of your feelings, she will mirror what those feelings are to help gain your self awareness. 

Lastly Nova joined the team of Heroes with Hooves in July 2022. This beautiful girl was discovered near North Bay. One look and my heart sang! She is the kindest mare with a puppy dog personality wanting to follow you wherever you may lead. There's something special about her connection to us and the feelings she instills.

My journey as a coach began back in 2015 when I discovered a course being held at Heavenly Acres in Brockville. I looked into the program and was immediately drawn to it; working with horses to help people. This sounded interesting. I contacted the instructors of Higher Trails who graciously let me volunteer for a day.

That day changed my life!

We spent the morning learning the difference between human communication and horse communication. Absolutely incredible information. The afternoon though was where the real magic happened. Ross MacInnes of Higher Trails (now EAL Canada) had me work through an exercise with one of the horses. It was about achieving a goal and identifying what was holding me back from it. Ross guided me through the exercise as I identified the roadblocks. Then he asked me to pick one of the roadblocks to overcome. Well wouldn’t you know it, that horse moved towards the one I was considering without me saying a word, walked up and knocked it right out of the way! That was so powerful as I’d never experienced anything like it before. It showed me the true power of horses. I went home that day charged with a new purpose in life and driven to become a coach. So I did! In 2016 I hosted a coach course at Lone Wolf Farm in Burritts Rapids and started working with clients shortly after.

In 2019 I added Facilitator to my title allowing me to work with corporate groups and events. I have my certification as an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach and Facilitator, completed through Higher Trails and EAL Canada ( and With these certifications I can bring my love and passion for horses to people. Nothing gives me more hope and joy then having someone else experience the true empathy that horses can portray to us.


My husband and partner Terry was also certified as an EAPD coach in 2019. He primarily works with First Responders and Veterans as he has extensive personal experience as a firefighter for over 18 years. Terry and I have a sweet little boy Oliver who keeps us very busy, and we love it! We enjoy our time together as a family going on adventures, cooking and creating memories!


Jay Abramovitch


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me!

For many years I have navigated anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress rooted from various causes from professional  to personal. 

​Lived experience as an Infantry Soldier, Firefighter, Crisis Worker, Youth Worker, and Developmental Services Counselor provided me an incredible opportunity to develop a unique skill set, and opportunities.

​At the age of 36, I was faced with a Stage 3 Colon Cancer diagnosis. Although now cancer free this experience gave me an incredible opportunity for post traumatic growth and taught me some invaluable life lessons and skills to navigate a personal crisis. This life changing experience showed me first hand the importance of a strong support system and asking for and accepting help!

​A student of mindful movement since 2015, I found myself drawn to both slow moving and meditative Yin to powerful, strength building and limit pushing dynamic hatha. Body awareness and movement has provided me with the ability to reconnect with myself and take back control of my life both physically and mentally.. I had the privilege of meeting my mentor Tricya Morrice, Owner and creator of the F3 Method which is a tool for first responders, military personnel, and front-line workers, early on in my practice. This mentorship had enabled me to see the coach I wanted to be and how I would give back and help others. This moment launched me into my healing journey and gave me the courage to complete my 200 Yoga Teacher Training in August 2019.

In early 2020 I experienced first hand the healing power of horses and ended up being a crucial support to me during the early days and weeks of my cancer diagnosis.

I met Amber Denis in 2021 and soon became a trained Associate which taught me how much more horses can impact people and help change their lives. After spending a year as an Associate I dove in to become a certified EAL Canada Coach.

​My sessions are challenging, fun, untraditional, and most importantly take place in safe environment where you can explore and discover you!

​I thrive to provide practical tools that you can use in your everyday life to help you navigate the ups and downs that life throws your way.

​If you're taking that scary but brave step to move forward I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and find out why I could be the support YOU have been looking for!!

Steve Capello

Steve is an honor graduate from Algonquin College in Environments Building Systems and is a Certified Technician in Mechanical Systems with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist. Steve has complemented his education with decades of business experience in building science, preventative program development and commercial facility operations. Currently serves as team member at Equi-Soul Ranch providing natural horsemanship training and is Certified by EAL Canada (Equine Assisted Learning Canada) as an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach. He has completed Foundations in Agriculture Management and Horse Behavior and Safety from University of Guelph and works with livestock operations in developing farm maintenance and mechanical plans.


Lynn Surette

My equine journey began at 9 or 10 years of age when my parents moved our family from Port Credit to Mono Mills (7 miles east of Orangeville On) Dad bought a 12 yr old quarter horse mare, Gypsy I and a 15 yr old Shetland pony, Princess. Both mares yet completely different personalities. They became my 2 best friends and with the love and guidance of my father, we 4 became well bonded. Years later, my father died and we had to sell our farm.


My life changed-marriage, 2 wonderful daughters, a move to New Brunswick and back, a career as a dance instructor/studio owner, and then a labourer/owner in landscaping for a number of years. In 1992, my life partner, Bill and I moved to rural Merrickville with our daughters, then 11 & 15. I’m back in my happy plaace surrounded by goats, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs and yes, eventually my horse SweetPea- a gray appendix mare. I made many bonds with horses along the way, that always remained part of my life.


5 years ago when Amber Denis put out a request for volunteers for an EAL Coach Course, all I heard was equine and I jumped in! That lead to the Associate Course which led to another life change- working with horses!


Life has taken many of the people that meant the most to me away. Many hard and sad life changes. I decided to re-educate myself, many on-line and certification courses on Grief and Bereavement. I recently gained my EAL Canada Coach Certificate and I’m ready to walk beside you on your journey.


This is my story, let me help you with yours. Life is wonderful, let’s live it!!