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How Do Sessions Work

Our first session is getting to know each other. We will cover safety and precautions around horses as well as discuss what brings you out to see us. In this session we will walk through a special exercise we will have set up for you.


 Sessions run from 60 to 75 minutes long. We will review at the beginning of each session, as well as cover some homework we may have sent you home with.


How many sessions we do depends on the clients progress. On average we will have our first meeting session, followed by an average of 4-6 sessions afterwards. Some are more, some are less. Every person and situation is unique and will be treated as so. These sessions are about exploring our inner potential and focus on mental wellness and emotional regulation. We do NOT offer formal riding lessons.

Sessions are held in private at the home ranch in South Mountain, Ontario. Visitors and spectators are required to stay out of the space while sessions are being held. 


The home ranch is situated on over 50 acres of land in the quiet area of South Mountain. The ranch home is one of the oldest in the area being built sometime in the late 1890's. There are  9 members in our herd, Cheyenne, Beau, Lilly, Titan, Oliver, Cooper, Rhea, Sierra and Nova. Each horse has a completely different background and personality which we love. 

If you wish for us to come to you and work with your horses we offer this as an option as well. We serve the Ottawa valley and Eastern Ontario. Book private sessions and events by contacting us for more details. 

Please check the Facebook page for upcoming dates and events.

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