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Individual and Group Style Sessions Available

Enjoy your wellness journey with our exclusive meditation and Kundalini yoga class. Enjoy the calming presence of our horses as you build your core strength and stability. Our horses add the unique element of naturally slowing our heart and breathing rhythms. Truly connect yourself with the horses and the natural surroundings as you meditate to the ultimate state of Zen. 

Private Session

horse guided yoga

Looking for a more personal experience? Our private one-on-one sessions are customized to meet your well being. Book your session now, or for group events, contact us for a group rate. 

horse yoga

Mind, Body and Spirit Equine Yoga

yoga teacher

Dale Synnett-Caron, Yoga Instructor


Dale is a certified teacher of Kundalini yoga—also known as the yoga of awareness. Her yoga classes are gentle and restorative, guiding students through postures, breath exercises and meditations focused on increasing personal radiance and managing stress.

Dale has practised and taught yoga and meditation extensively, participating in classes and retreats both in Canada and internationally. Her passion for Kundalini yoga fuels her commitment to share its wisdom with others—helping them to build inner strength, manage stress, nurture creativity, and ignite their power to heal and balance themselves.

The written word is an integral part of Dale's professional and personal life. On the career side, she has 25-plus years’ experience managing communications in both the private and public sector. Her personal writing is shared widely in yogic circles in Canada and the US. Her work has also been published in The Globe and Mail and specialty magazines

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